Monthly Contact Lenses and Solutions







Monthly disposable soft contact lenses


Monthly contact lenses which are worn during waking hours are removed and disinfected each evening They are replaced once a month and there are many different types to suit individual needs. Each type of monthly lens has its own benefits.


Contact lenses for Astigmatism

Toric contact lenses are designed to help people with an irregular shaped eye (astigmatism)


Near and far

Like varifocals these contact lenses offer clear vision at all distances near, intermediate and far. They need perseverance to be successful too and are not for everyone


Continuous Wear


These can be worn continuously for up to 30 days and nights subject to the Optometrists advice. They are made of a revolutionary new material which allows more oxygen to get to the eye than other soft lenses.


Tinted and Coloured Contact Lenses

These are soft monthly or annual lenses which can do anything from enhance to completely change the colour of your eyes. They're great for making the most of your eyes and can be worn by people who have perfect vision.

Contact lens solutions

There are many different types of contact lens cleaning and disinfecting solutions and each one is suitable for different types of lenses. When you choose to wear contact lenses one of our contact lens practitioners will not only find the best lens for your prescription and lifestyle but will also advise you on the best cleaning and disinfecting solutions for your particular lenses.

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