Contact Lenses


Contact lenses to perfectly suit your lifestyle

From your initial eye exam to picking the right lenses and looking after them properly, you’ll receive the finest care at every step of the process.

But it’s not just our experience that makes our contact lenses service exceptional, it’s also the wide range of premium lenses we stock.

Disposable lenses – daily disposable lenses are worn once then thrown away. Quick, simple and safe, they’re ideal for patients with active lifestyles.
Soft lenses – offering a high comfort level, these are ideal for wearing all day.
Soft lenses for dry eyes – these provide the same comfort but are also designed to prevent dry eyes.
Rigid gas permeable lenses – Although they won’t work for every patient, these lenses can offer superior vision correction in some cases.
Multifocal soft and hard lenses – the perfect option for those who require more than one prescription from one lens (for example near and distance vision).
Coloured lenses – these allow you to change the colours of your eyes to suit your mood or outfit. They can also be ordered in your prescription.